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List of Cheap Hotels in Bandung

Information about Complete List of Cheap Hotels in Bandung is very important to know clearly, so that we know in full all cheap hotel in the city of Bandung and its surroundings.To be able to stay in one of the many hotels in Bandung that low fare, you could do a search Cheap Hotels in Bandung West Java through the Find Cheap Hotels in Bandung. And we can choose to place your reservation and reservation in Bandung Indonesia Hotel Deals through online hotel booking site which we trust.To get the latest and most comprehensive information about the price and vouchers, promos of Cheap Hotels Bandung can we know HERE.

Because the city of Bandung has or is divided into several areas, of course we could choose Cheap Hotel located or close to our destination addresses in Bandung.

There Cheap Hotels in Bandung City Center, as well as North Bandung, West, East, South and North. This is the complete list of the Cheap Hotels in Bandung.

Grand Serela Bandung Setiabudi. There is a 9-15 Jl.Hegarmanah Setiabudi in Bandung, West Java

The Salis Hotel Setiabudi. address in Jl.Setiabudhi 272, Bandung. West Java

Hotel Enhaii. This hotel is located in Jl. Setiabudhi 186, close to the typical cuisine of this region; surabi enhai. West Java

Gumilang Regency Hotel. The address at Jl. Dr Setiabudhi No.323-325. West Java

Hotel Grand Setiabudi. located at Jl. Setiabudhi No.130-134 and close to the shopping center as well as tours of Bandung. West Java

Hotel Banana Inn. The address at Jl. Setia Budhi 191 Bandung. West Java

Travello Hotel Bandung. Located on Jl. Setiabudhi No. 268, Bandung. located close to the UPI. West Java

Setiabudhi Augusta Valley Hotel Bandung. The hotel is located at street Cipaku I No. 19, Setiabudhi, Bandung. Providing 58 rooms for visitors.

The Victoria Luxurious Guest House. The address in Jl.Sukaresmi No.4-6, Bandung. It is indeed not directly on jalans etiabudi, but not too far as well.

The Travelhotel Apartment Bandung. This hotel is under Cipaganti Group, and is located close to the UPI. The address at Jl. Cipaku Indah II, Comp The Setiabudhi Terrace Block A No.20-21, Bandung.

The Cipaku Garden Hotel. Hotel with a unique concept of the park surrounding the hotel environment. Address The Cipaku garden hotel is in Jl. Cipaku Indah XI No. 2, Setiabudi, Bandung.

Villa Damar Bandung. Villa Damar Bandung is one of a family boutique hotel, with a unique concept. Comfortable atmosphere with a strategic location and is not far from Rumah Mode FO already famous.

Asmila Boutique Hotel Bandung. Address Asmila Boutique hotel is on Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 54, Setiabudi. Strategic Loaksinya all, and situated close to the fashion house.

Puri Setiabudhi Residence Bandung. It is located on Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi N 378, Setiabudi. With its unique concept, the hotel is suitable as a place to stay, vacation, wedding, or a garden party.

Villa De Orion Setiabudi. Specialty concept of this villa suitable for a family or group stay. The location is in Jl. Dr. Setiabudi No. 299B Bandung.

Pasteur Hotel in Bandung

In the list below, we collect information in Pasteur Bandung. Cheap hotels in Pasteur Bandung and surrounding areas that we collect the info have a price range starting from 100 thousands to 500 thousands, with or without a discount. For those of you looking for a cheap hotel in Bandung, this info bsia used as reference:

Hotel Cassadua Pasteur. Located at Jl. Cassa 2, Pasteur, Bandung. located quite close to the airport husein sastranegara and also the toll gate pasteur. West Java

De Sun Pasteur Guest House. De Sun Pasteur Guest House is located quite close to the airport Husein Sastranegara. Its location also located in the city center and quite close to the center of culinary, natural attractions valley, and others. Address: Jl.Surya Sumatri 4, Pasteur.

De Orange Guest House. This property is located in Orange Jl.Babakan 4 No.11A, Pasteur. West Java

Hotel Zodiac Sutami Bandung. Being in Jl.Prof.Dr.Ir.Sutami 133, Bandung. Approximately 15 minutes from the toll gate West Pasteur.Jawa
Hotel ILOS. Being on the road. Babakan Jeruk III No. 37-39, Pasteur, Bandung. West Java

Hotel Orange Homes Syariah. The address at JL. Babakan Jeruk 1 No. 76, Pasteur, Bandung. West Java

Mulyasari Guest House. Located at Jl. Mulyasari II # 3, Bandung. West Java

Hotel Amira. This hotel is located in Jl.Dangdeur Indah No.20, Bandung. West Java

Hotel Vio Pasteur. Located at No. 154 Jl.Dr.Djunjunan pasteur bandung. West Java

BTC Hotel Bandung. The hotel address is on Jl. Dr. Djunjunan 143-149 Pasteur. West Java

Le Aries Garden Boutique Hotel. Located on Jl. Cibogo No. 11 Bojonegara, Pasteur, Bandung. Quite close to the Pasteur toll gate. West Java

SM Residence & Guest House Pasteur. The hotel is located at the scene of a beautiful orange I No. 11, Bandung. Meneydiakan 12 comfortable rooms, and a strategic location.

Junjunan In Sharia Guesthouse. Located on the street Dr. Junjunan In V No. 8, Bandung.

Cheap Hotels in Dago

Here is a list of cheap hotels in dago bandung. Dago is one of the tourist area known as the culinary and shopping. Cheap hotel list in dago we collect at the bottom the rates ranging from 100 thousand to about 500 thousand, with or without a discount.

Lotus Hotel, Cafe & Meeting Place, located in the elite complex in Bandung Dago area. Surrounded by a beautiful mini lotus lakes and green parks to ensure a refreshing environment during your stay. 58 rooms are available and equipped with air conditioning, LED TV and internet connection. Mini Gym, Library, meeting room, sightseeing tours, car rental and many more. Location: Jl. Tubagus Ismail VIII 45.

Hotel Namin Dago. The address is in Jl.Hasanudin 10, Dago, Bandung. Strategic enough and not noisy by the vehicle.

THE 1O1 Dago. The hotel is located at No. 3 Bandung Ir.H.Juanda street, right in the center of Dago area.

Dago's Hill Hotel. The hotel's location is a little bit into the arterial roads in Dago area, but still close to the location of Dago. Precisely on the road Tubagus Ismail VIII No. 39 A, Dago, Bandung. The price is affordable.

Sky City Home Guest House. Guest house in Bandung's Dago Dago Asri complex located at no. C-37 Bandung. This place could be a cheap hotel in Dago selection as well.

Take Me Home Guest House Bandung. One more hotel / guest house in Bandung cost ya. Its location at Jl. dago hill north II no. 20 C, Bandung.

Sofia House Dago. Located at jl. Teuku Space no. 27 Dago, Bandung.
Hotel Sawunggaling Bandung. Being on the road Sawunggaling No. 13. Its location approximately 5 minutes from Dago and quite beautiful.

De Beverly Apartment Dago. If colleagues want to stay in an apartment with a capacity of up to 4 people, this could be an option. The location is quite close to the road dago too.

Sapadia Guest House. Being on the road Munding laya No. 2, Causeway, Dago. The guest house is quite affordable and also not far from the center of Dago.
Hotel The Luxton Bandung. Very fitting location is in the heart of Dago, precisely on Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no 18 Bandung. Suitable for those who are on vacation or on a business in the city.

Kampung Padi Guesthouse dago. Its location is located at the corner of No. 89AF dago, Dago, Bandung. read the reviews, info, and photos here
Wisma Joglo Hotel Bandung. Located in the elite area of ​​Dago Pakar, precisely in the way the resort dago experts No. 19 Bandung.

Dago Highland Resort and Spa. The location of this place is in the hills east of experts IV No. 88, Dago, Bandung. Combine spa services and hotel in one place.

The Palais Dago Hotel. One boutique hotel located right in the Dago area. Address the palais in road Ir.H.Juanda 90, Dago. This boutique hotel is suitable for a place to stay, meeting, or your business. Read reviews of visitors,

Hotel Jayakarta Bandung. Located in the upper Dago area, it includes quite old hotel in Bandung. The address on the street Ir. Juanda No. 381 A. It offers complete facilities and 210 luxury rooms provided.

Patra Jasa Bandung. Address Patra Jasa in Jl.IR.H.Juanda 132. The hotel has undergone a complete renovation and modern making it more beautiful.

Hi-Quality Guest House. Hi Quality Bandung hotel offers rooms with 2-3 bedrooms. Suitable for a stay with the family in Bandung.

Hotel Accordia Dago. Dago location is at the top, exactly on Jl. Dago Golf Raya No. 49. Located in the high area so the air is fresh and cool.

Hotel Wisma Joglo. Its location is in the upper dago, dago precisely in the area of ​​elite experts. The full address is on Jl. Resort Dago Pakar No. 19, Dago.

Cheap Hotels in Bandung City

In addition to hotels in the area above, here is some info Cheap hotels in Bandung city. Please refer to the list is below.

ZZZ Express Backpackers Hostel. A cheap hotel in the city that are comfortable, the facility is complete, and affordable prices in Bandung. Located in the Sand Kaliki, ZZZ Express Backpackers Hostel provides friendly service and modern facilities. The hotel ensures a pleasant stay for guests with a convenient location, personalized services and a wide range of modern facilities available at the hotel. The hotel is suitable for colleagues backpaker. Address: Pascal Hypersquare D-2 road sand Kaliki 25-27, Bandung City, Bandung.

Chez Bon Hostel. One of the models hostel dormitory in downtown Bandung. This hostel has a fairly complete public facilities. If you are a backpaker who happened to be visiting Bandung, then this hostel could be slaah one of your choice. Location: Jl. Braga No. 45, Bandung.

Pillows Guling Gatsu Guesthouse. Guest House is located at Jl. gatot subroto No. 194 Bandung. The location is in the city center at an affordable price; When this article was made prices ranging from Rp 85,000 per night.

Bolster pillow Alun Alun Bandung. Guest Gouse these bolster pillows are on the road Moh. Toha No. 42 Bandung.

SM Residence & Guest House Pasteur. Located at the scene of a beautiful orange I No. 11 Bandung. Not too far from the Pasteur toll gate.

Ghotic Hotel Bandung. The address on the street soekarno hatta no 534 Bandung.

Hotel Continent Bandung. Located at the road warrior students 45 No. 109-111, Bandung.

Hotel Vio Veteran Managed by Topotels. The address in the veteran no 32, Bandung. Consider the picture info, reviews, and price here.

Setra Priangan Guest House. Setra beautiful location on the way north II No. 17 Bandung.